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E-Wash is a revolutionary technology from Korea that saves you money on washing detergent. With one laundry ball, you can use E-Wash up to TWO years! Just imagine on how much you can save on detergents alone in two years!

E-Wash protects your clothes, cleans them and is perfect if you have a sensitive skin because there's NO chemical involve in cleaning your clothes. Just drop the ball into your washing machine and splendor in its magnifience.

For example:

1 month supply of washing detergent and softener:
RM25 + RM 10 = RM35

One Year supply of washing detergent and softener:
RM35 X 12 = RM420

TWO years of washing detergent and softener:
RM420 X 2 = RM840!!

With this amazing laundry E-Wash, you're able to save RM840 - RM300 = RM540 in two years!!

This amazing invention also won Electrolux's Design Lab 2007. Click here for the article.

Why you should get E-Wash:

* No detergents or softeners needed for 2 years
* Anti bacterial action
* No wrinkling of fabric
* Very suitable for those who have sensitive skins
* Acknowledged by the Korean National Institute
* Environmentally safe
* SAVES $$$
* Usable for more than 3000 washes
* Optimal use for 1 unit is for 5kg of washing

Mc Square Boosts Brain Concentration

Want to boost your brain cells and IQ ? Get MC Square, the brainwave management device brand to make your brains grower bigger. The modern females love men with brains not brawn.

At the moment, South Korea is the only country that has a mature market for light and sound machines.

Since 1992, Daeyang Education and Communication
(E&C) has sold a total of 1.1 million units of its MC Square light and sound machines.

Daeyang is the first and only vendor that has succeeded in developing a viable brainwave management device brand.

“MC Square sales in China are growing at a rate five times faster than the rate witnessed in Korea. We have set up a sales subsidiary in Shanghai to capitalize on the rapid growth of Chinese customers’ purchasing power,’’ she added.

Daeyang also manufactures a prenatal care instrument called Baby IQ and high-end goggle-like wearable next-generation I-Visor personal displays _ or head mounted display (HMD) and face mounted display (FMD) _ that can be used for medical, educational and entertainment purposes.